Albert Einstein once said wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire. To acquire wisdom which leads to success is to commit ourselves to lifelong pursuit of learning as Michael Angelo said at the age of 87, “I am still learning”.

I am delighted that as a person of excellent, you are considering applying for one or more of the professional postgraduate programmes or trainings offered by UNIMAS Business Schools (UBS). For 25 years UNIMAS as one of the best public university in Malaysia ,has been developing and producing talents and leaders in the area of Business, Economy, Finance, Business Administration, Engineering, Science, Communication, Art, Medicine, and Information Technology. To continue the legacy of excellence, launched in January 2016, UBS is a unique and prestigious school dedicated to provide quality continuous, lifelong learning education and training to professionals, community and individuals.

UBS provides you with a wide range of training opportunities designed to hone and sharpen your knowledge and skills from short courses of specific training programmes to Professional and Executive level Postgraduate Programmes serving the working professionals and practitioners. Since UBS values are anchored in excellent spirit with innovative approach and global perspective, we are dedicated in bringing together for you experienced, certified and qualified lecturers and trainers to ensure our programme and trainings are contemporary, innovative, application-oriented and multidisciplinary. UBS is also joining hands with our reputable training partners who are committed to support individuals of any age and background in their pursuit of in-demand skills and knowledge.

You have the opportunity for personal and career growth and beyond with UBS where we can help you build on your passion and career to achieve your dream with the excellent programmes and training we offers. We are looking forward to seeing you in UBS.

"Dare to Dream, We’ll make it Happen Together"